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So what’s up with this coding thing?

August 23, 2017

This is a question that I get asked a lot.  I have been good at doing IT Support for the past 10 years, so why the sudden switch? Well, there are a lot of factors in my decision to switch, but it ultimately came down to three things.

1)  I was always good at it, I just never realized it. 

Little backstory: I started coding a long time ago, when I was about 10 years old. My mother was going back to school to get her degree,  so she realized she needed a computer. Along with her high-end desktop (a Pentium 3 with a 30GB hard drive and 512 MB of memory!) she had brought some educational CD’s for me and my brother to use. One of the CD’s was a tutorial on learning HTML and CSS.

“You should learn this,” my mom said “you’ll be really good at it one day”.

I looked at the cover for the CD’s and figured out it was a how-to for building websites. Why would I need to know this? Reading my mind at usual, my mother responded “Website building is becoming popular, and if you’re good at it, you’ll make a lot of money”

Of course she was right, but of course at the time, I did not believe her. Still I decided to take up the challenge. I did the tutorial and even built a site, but my interests in Math and Science was growing at the time so I ended up going towards those instead.

I touch HTML and CSS again during the MySpace faze, but I only did the custom stuff for myself and a few close friends.

It wasn’t until later on in life when my mother decided to take a Web Development class for fun. She had got stuck at times while building and I would come and help. It was after doing that I realized I was really go at this, and decided to start learning more about coding.

2) I love building things and making things work

I was always that one kid that loved taking thing apart and putting them back together. This skill became very useful when I started building computers for family members when I was 18. However, as fun as this was, building computers became less exciting. You knew all the parts that went into a PC and eventually just become a human factory of building stuff. The same ran true for my IT Support jobs. You just end up memorizing all of the answers you found so customers asking questions is like getting quizzed on non-stop.

Coding gives me freedom away from that. I love building something new, whether is for a project or me doodling away on CodePen. Everyday I’m thinking of something new I can build and I am to go out and put it together.

3) I love solving problems

I was doing advanced algebra problems when I was in the six grade. I took an accelerated math class in high school and was one of the few in AP Calculus in my senior year (Sadly, I failed the AP test, and had to retake Calculus in college. I was never good at tests). This ended up translating well into IT and was one of the reason why I ended up in the support field. However like I said previously, the field has become dry and I feel like a memory bank for Windows issues.

With coding, there is a never ending stage of problem solving. Everyday I learn something new, whether is from hours and hours of debugging, or even when I surrender and I browse StackOverflow or other sites for the answers.  I love the challenge of it and that is what has kept me going on my coding journey.


So there’s my story. Now I want to hear yours. What made you get into coding?

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