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Christmas is around the corner which means it’s time to shop! However, you’ll still probably stuck on what to buy your loved ones right? Especially If you’re trying to find something cute and techy for your daughter, granddaughter wife. Well, I have 10 cute tech gift ideas they will love!


1) Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth – Buy it here


Women doing makeup in front of vanity mirror


A nice mirror with Bluetooth controls? Sign me up!

2) Polaroid Instant Camera – Buy it here


Polaroid Instant Camera


A nice gift to give to vintage enthusiast and to be reminded of the good old days when camera phones wasn’t a thing.


3) Apple AirPods – Buy it here


Apple AirPods


Since AirPod Pro and Max are a thing, why not go back to the classics? Plus, the prices are much lower now making them a very appealing buy.


4) Apple AirPods Carrying Case – Buy it here



Obviously you can have the AirPods without the case. How else are you gonna carry those small things around?


5) Vintage Vinyl Record Player – Buy it here


Vinyl Record Player


Another nice vintage-like buy, for those of you who still like buying vinyl records for some absurd reason (me, I’m those people)


6) Digital Photo Frame – Buy it here


LOLA Digital Photo Frame Set


Tired of trying to show off photos to friends and family without them wanting to swipe to see what else is there? This photo frame is a great gift for that.


7) HP Sprocket Printer – Buy it here


Who knew portable photo printers who be a thing? If your love one is not a fan of the Polaroid, get them this instead and they can wirelessly print photos from their phones.

8) Garmin Smartwatch – Buy it here





Tired of the Apple vs Samsung wars? Want a Smartphone that tracks your health but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.



9) Beside Alarm Clock with Bluetooth and Wireless Charging – Buy it here




This alarm clock not only reminds you to charge your phone at night, but you now also have two reasons to get up for work in the morning.



10) Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones – Buy it here



Apple may have Beats now, but their headphones still remain one of the top ones around.